Family union

The first family trees and documentations about the Fenner ancestors were seen in the twenties of the last century. In 1930 was the “Nachrichten über Familie Fenner, (Treysa-) Heidelbach- Marburger Linie 1465 – 1930” (news about the fenner family) printed. In the year 1936 was the first family reunion in Niedergrenzebach (a town of Schwalmstadt), in 1937 was the second one. Simultaneously appeared the first magazines of “Familien-Nachrichten” (family news). Until 1944 there were 12 magazines of the “Familien-Nachrichten”. The reunion was breaked in the time of and after the world war II and restarted in 1954.
The restart of the magazine was in 1960 and not constant. As from 1973 until now the reunion is every 3 years in Schwalmstadt.